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Entrepreneur Steven Schussler lives by six words: "No is yes waiting to happen." Against all odds, he created Rainforest Cafe in his suburban Minneapolis home and spent years convincing investors that his idea wasn't crazy. Today, Rainforest Cafe is one of the top-grossing restaurant chains in the world, and Steven's company, Schussler Creative, continues to deliver.


In It's a Jungle in There, Steven shares his strategies to make you a winner in business and in life. By walking through the "Five Ps" of entrepreneurial success, you'll learn exactly how to apply your inner creativity to your dreams and reap the rewards when your business takes on a lucrative life of its own. Steven provides critical self-examination questions to assess chances for achieving entrepreneurial accomplishment. He reveals, through personal stories and business lessons, what to do if you wish to realize your full business potential.


Throughout the book, Steven shares entertaining real-life stories about doing what-ever it takes to promote yourself and your business concepts. You'll laugh out loud at his first hand accounts of a fateful Superman costume, a shredded-cash ticker-tape parade, and a six-story crane ride. But you'll also learn the value of having the courage to pursue your dreams.


Learn how to tap into your passion and ambition, how to eliminate a product's kinks before going to market, and how to recognize when no is just yes waiting to happen. Discover the rewards of multitasking, the smart way to market your product or service (and yourself), the power of strategic partnerships, and what to do when you're in a position to enjoy the ultimate satisfaction of giving back a generous part of what you've earned.

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